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Jun. 6th, 2005 @ 11:43 pm Drabble Challenge Resurrected!!
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I liiiiiiiiiiiiive!!! Very sorry for the lengthy absence, everyone. Real Life got quite overwhelming for a while, and when I finally got a respite LJ wouldn't let me log-in! >:( But that seems to be (mostly) fixed now, so I'm going to start up the drabble challenges again!

...Yes, I realize that no one participated at all last time, but I understand that sometimes Real Life just doesn't allow one to pursue the really important things in life ;), so I'm going to try and keep posting challenges in the hope that eventually more will be able to join in. :P

Thus, this week's challenge (#4, I believe) is Prank! I want to have fun with this one. You can submit as many drabbles as you want - just remember to keep them within the theme and under 300 words.

And of course, this challenge will end next Monday, whatever the date is. (The 13, right? Ack. Where's my calendar...) So hurry up and get your drabbles in! :D
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